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No body can kill me, I'm already dead in Christ - PST. Adeboye

the general Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has counseled Christians to live connected to God to overcome lifestyles’s demanding situations and feature dominion over all forces of darkness and sickness.

 Adeboye gave the admonition at the same time as handing over his sermon lastnight agged: ‘A branch of the lifestyles’, on the second one day of the continuing annual Holy Ghost congress of the church conserving on the Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan parkway. Pastor E A Adeboye, fashionable Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God preaching artwork the continuing 2018 Holy Ghost Congress at the km forty six Lagos-Ibadan limited-access highway camp of the church Quoting copiously from the scriptures all through the healing service, the man of God explained that Jesus Christ is the Vine at the same time as every real believer is seen as the branch and has God’s nature in him he said.

Adeboye however urged participants to remain steadfast within the vine of christ stressing that God has confident them of doing greater works than He did even as in the world. In his phrases: He is the mixture of divinity and humanity. because the vine is, so also the branches. He said if you are a true Christian, you're a combination of humanity and divinity. you're human but you're made to partake in God’s divine nature and he'll supply the wanted power, electricity which you need to do His works. each department of the vine can do what the vine can do.

 Pastor Adeboye recalled how he went to rest room 23 times in a day after taking a meal during considered one of his missionary trips to an unnamed African us of a years in the past, noting that it took God thru the prayer of faith for him to be healed.

 Adeboye narrated the story of how Jesus slept in a boat even as there has been a hurricane indicating the human nature in him whilst He turned into in the world. “however the identical Jesus who slept, rose up to rebuke the wind, indicating his divine nature. Jesus become fully human and completely divine while he become on this planet.” He said in addition that because believers are extensions of Jesus as his branches “we share divine nature and are able to doing what God said we should do. as long as we are connected to him and connected to him we've got the potential to do all that he stated we could do.

 I have once advised my kids that no one can kill me because i'm already lifeless. i have been crucified with Christ despite the fact that I stay. due to the fact Jesus is dwelling in the believer, his blood flows inside the believer. at the outside it could now not appear like so, but in actual fact the blood this is flowing in you is the blood of Jesus. Revelation 12:10-11, shows that the blood has enough energy to triumph over the devil.

 The RCCG fashionable Overseer who said he just returned from a missionary journey to a few West African countries, advised the members that they've the potential to do what He should do because the identical spirit that is living in Him also is living in them as long as they belong to Jesus. in step with him. The same ability that i've you have so long as you yield yourselves to God,” stressing “the Bible did no longer say the signs will best follow the overall Overseer however those who believe. “a few also assume they don’t have enough religion to do certain matters. I used to believe that the entirety inside the Bible is proper however I consider I couldn't do those things due to the fact I did not have sufficient religion. Then i'd rapid and ask God to boom my faith. however the Lord sat me down in the future and asked me a few questions.

 He asked me, ’son, do you consider there may be God?’ I said sure. ’have you seen him earlier than?‘ I saved mute. ’How then do there's God? Do you trust that Jesus is the son of God?‘ I stated I agree with and he requested have been you there whilst he was born? I stored quiet and he stored on asking some other questions and stated why are then you saying you don’t have confidence? “It takes robust religion to believe that there's God, that Jesus is the son of God and that he's coming once more. in case you agree with those things, you've got the religion you want to make the impossible manifest,” Adeboye said to his participants in Church.

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