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Breaking: Military Takes Over Power, Seizes National Radio Station Earlier Today In Gabon

The military of Gabon on Monday claimed it has seized power from the President Ali Bongo-led government in the country due to his incompetent administration.

A report came that soldiers in the West African country said they launched a coup to restore democracy.
The report also stated that they've took control of the national radio station in the early hours of Monday to read a short statement announcing a “National Restoration Council” in the country.
The President of Gabon "President Bongo" who took over power in 2009 reportedly suffered a stroke in October and received treatment.
Bongo tried to put an end to the rumours about his health with a New Year message in which he said he was feeling fine.
Soldiers said they had been disappointed by the message, calling it “a pitiful sight” and a relentless attempt to cling onto power, meanwhile most African Countries will be conscious about his policies and formation of Government.

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