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Call NANS Leadership To Order Akpan Tells Students Union

In few years, time has modified the imaginative and prescient and ideological reflexes of the umbrella of students’ unionism in Nigeria, the national affiliation of Nigerian college students (NANS).


formed as the national Union of Nigerian college students, NUNS, in the Nineteen Seventies as a innovative vanguard of kids dynamism for the promoting of excellent governance, justice and the guideline of regulation; and led by means of committed and fearless progressives consisting of the late Segun Okeowo, NUNS commanded the mass cohesion of college students national and helped to pressure superb changes even for the duration of the army eras.

however today, NANS is a hole shadow of itself, with some members of its management fighting to outdo each other for the favours of politicians; a trait that has been significant for the reason that recovery of our democracy.

The present day infamy that threatens to rip the affiliation asunder become the recent visit with the aid of the NANS management led by Danielson Bamidele Akpan to President Muhammadu Buhari in which Akpan become mentioned to have promised to “pull not anything much less than 20 million votes” for the president and candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The placing educational body of workers Union of Universities, ASUU, had also accused the NANS management of “promoting out” to the Presidency for a large sum, which has seeing that been denied by means of the affiliation’s leadership. The movements of the Akpan-led NANS had pressured a former President of the association, Abdul Mahmud, to angrily call for that his name be deleted from all documents of NANS.

 In a twist of irony, the identical Akpan-led NANS had, earlier in September 2018, dissociated itself from the open endorsement of the APC governorship candidate in Lagos, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu with the aid of a few adolescents and pupil businesses, describing it as “embarrassing”.

 In a announcement, Akpan had hinted that: “NANS will make its choice (about the primaries within the various political parties) known based totally at the interests of its contributors, that is majorly academic improvement and rightfully direct them in satisfying their civic responsibilities.”

 it's far about time that the scholars and youths of this u . s . a . known as their diverse govt bodies to order in recognize of their reckless hobnobbing with politicians.

NANS is the umbrella of all college students who've all shades of political critiques and interests. permitting the management to railroad NANS to guide any precise birthday party or its candidate will destroy the affiliation and deny it of its ability to help force tremendous alternate and properly governance.

 We call on students’ union leaders, specially those of NANS, who're inquisitive about partisan politics to renounce their posts and join political parties of their desire.

They have to forestall dragging the image of college students’ unionism within the mud. college students have to return to progressive unionism and activism. They should stop behaving like opportunistic, hungry children who've no destiny.

meanwhile the students from diverse tertiary establishments has been at domestic for months, yet the NANS management hasn't shown greater involved into the economic motion by way of ASUU.

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